• 15-02-2019 | The Art Journey Feb 2019: Good comments from customers

    "Powerful art that speaks to the experience and aspirations of both the artists and Vietnam. Thank you for sharing." is one of the dozens comments of our guests/ customers during the opening/private viewing of 'The Art Journey' on the 3rd of February 2019 Vietnam Art House .

  • 15-01-2019 | The Art Journey: February 3th – March 4th 2019

    You will see a large number of special paintings and sculptures. Besides that, you can meet our advisors, hear from them why they have selected those artworks and our stories about the interesting and sometimes emotional meetings during our visits to almost 30 artists studio’s.

  • 26-11-2018 | Linh Tran (A part of the painting)

    The female artist Tran Thuy Linh works primarily in oil and acrylics and has been always seeking for the answer “Where do I belong to within the inter-relations of East nature - Serenity and Western culture - Energy?”.

  • 25-11-2018 | Bay Nguyen (A part of the painting)

    The young artist Nguyen Van Bay is gentle, rustic and taciturn. All that he wants to express are found in his artworks. His paintings reflect all that takes place around us in daily life, especially close to the subject of countryside.

  • 24-11-2018 | Nguyen Le (A part of the art craft)

    Le Dinh Nguyen (Nguyen ‘Trau’, Nguyen ‘Buffalo’) is a talented sculptor associated to the buffaloes made of many materials. His sculpture is a sculptural style of static formation combined with motion and sound.