• 15-02-2019 | The Art Journey Feb 2019: Good comments from customers

  • "Powerful art that speaks to the experience and aspirations of both the artists and Vietnam. Thank you for sharing."

    is one of the dozens comments of our guests/ customers during the opening/private viewing of 'The Art Journey' on the 3rd of February 2019 Vietnam Art House .



    Below just a selection of the comments in the notebook:

    More to be continued.

    New experience of Vietnamese Art. Compliments.

    Surprising and profound.

    A nice exhibition with a good explanation

    Very special, this beautiful route will probably get a tail, love. With top advisor

    Very nice!

    Instructive and inspiring

    Very nice, harmony upstairs and powerful downstairs

    Nice and various


    Excellent art show

    Very refreshing

    Fantastic to be back.

    Truly inspiring!

    Unexpected encounter with surprising art

    Beautiful artwork in a beautiful environment

    Very exciting art event

    We enjoyed the beautiful art and atmosphere

    Very nice exhibition, enjoyed very much.

    Very successful.

    Very nice and varied

    Very nice exhibition! Enjoyed a lot!

    Great job!

    Enjoyed it a lot.

    Like to have some more figurative and landscape art works as the previous editions.

    Wonderful artworks, wonderful people and wonderful place!

    Proud to cooperate with Vietnamese artist to promote Vietnamese art at high level in the Netherlands!


    Congrats to all participating artists and looking toward to welcoming more of your works in our premise!

    Pham Ha Hai, Thu Tran, Tien Tuan Bui, Lieu Nguyen Huong Duong, Thanh Tung Le, Khong Do Duy, Le Dinh Nguyen, Thái Nhật Minh, Linh Tran, Kieu Bich Huong, Dinh Ngoc Thang