• 10-03-2020 | Art event ‘Southern Soul’ on 10-year anniversary of VAH

  • We are having our 10th year anniversary of Vietnam Art House (VAH) this summer at our gallery in The Hague.



    The theme of this event is ‘Southern Soul’. We are focusing on the art solo-exhibition of acclaimed artist Nguyen Thanh Binh, together with music and talk about the heritage in the South of Vietnam.


    Nguyen Thanh Binh is a special person with a special style. He is one of the few best-selling Vietnamese painters with more than 40 years of painting and thousands of art works collected.


    Although Binh has been influenced by western art and its aesthetics, his art falls well within the philosophical and aesthetic sphere of Orient. He often expresses happiness and sorrow of Vietnamese souls in his artworks.


    Would you like to come and join us at this special event?